floridian view of the sky & the ocean… i’m swooning

I’m travelling to the north again to look for a place to stay at while ~~university~~ and stuff !! I’ll be away from Sunday to Thursday and… guess what there’s no queue again. I barely had the time to write this.

See you on Friday or on twitter!

OHHHH pandora hearts for the sketch your fav character ask thing pls!!



Actually, I have a lot of favourite characters in  PH xD But in the end I chose Oz because it’s easy to draw him (*´∀`*)


Hato Moa | Hatoful Boyfriend



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A


George Orwell, 1984


Finally got around to completing the fanmix collaboration with the lovely Danni! This time around it’s Jack/Oswald, so if they’re your cup of tea then hopefully you will enjoy our collection. It’s a little bit different considering we both chose five songs each and combined them to complete the mix, so you’ll be getting a taste of our musical preferences as well as our respective interpretations of the characters and their relationship. With her focus on Oswald and my own on Jack, we hoped to create a blend of sounds and lyrics that would suit them both in a single mix. Please enjoy!

Danni’s Selections: i, ii, iv, vi, and vii.

Jay’s Selections: iii, v, viii, ix, and x.

Cover edit by Jay.


i was too far out without you - a jackwald fanmix

track listings: i. the jeweller’s hands | arctic monkeys // ii. lilac wine | jeff buckley // iii. winter’s coming (acoustic) | the narrative // iv. i’m sleeping under the dead tree | films // v. gone | deas vail // vi. ten dead dogs | wild sweet orange // vii. soldier’s poem | muse // viii. wisteria | hands like houses // ix. holding your absence | hammock // x. we’re wild animals (we always were) | weaver at the loom


hi can we talk about tohri in absolute zero

You really are family to me

"There is no hope on a battlefield.
There is nothing but unspeakable despair.
Just a crime we call victory,
Paid for by the pain of the defeated.”

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